For LEG, the secret was to stay small, change quickly and bring new products to market

The Company was established in 1975. Then in 1982 a name change took place.
Our purpose was to sell shades and drapery. And it was always our purpose and intentions to stay a small private company that could make constant changes with new innovations and technical applications.

In 2006 we branched more into distribution.
LEG import
ed Drapery System components , Tube motor parts, Controls and electronics.
with the aim to distribution.

Over the years our customer base was very local. But with the economic changes of 2008 and the greater usage of the Internet.
Our base changed. And we changed with it.

In 2009 LEG was developing better controls and interfaces. Phasing out older type Radio Controls and bringing in newer and motor compact controls that offered more control

Beginning with 2010 our line of imported drapery motors were expanded to offer many more options than ever before.

In 2012 with the slowing of markets. We closed LEG.
Went to work with Automated Motor Shade

In 2015 I got tired of being retired and re opened by WEB business and started to Sell parts and Controls to Customers
who still had my Old Systems and also Systems from:
and any one else who still used the Motors from BTX or A-OK or Controls from LINEAR
Many people called them by many different names, but much of the equipment came from the same manufactures.
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