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Welcome to LEG Motor Systems

Motorized Duettes

Motorized Vertical
Direct Drive track with 
Motor in track

Motorized Shade
New or existing Shade installed on Motor tube.

Motorized Soft Shade
Any type of Soft Window
treatment can be Motorized

Motorized Roman
New or existing can be Motorized

Motorized Silhouette
Install DC Motor in the tubes of Shade

Dealer catalog

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We open, close, raise, lower & tilt 'at the touch of a button!'

Wireless Remote Motorized Systems

Operate Drapes, Verticals, Romans, Mini-Blinds and Shades...
Anything that's installed can be motorized

We offer complete technical service and installation

For more information, 
please mail us at:

Motorized Drapery
Direct drive Drapery rods in varied weights and configurations

Add-On Drape Motor
Motor on cord of 
Drapery rod.

Radio Control
Remote Controls for 
all types of Systems

IR - Controls

Automation Interfaces
Connect to any controls

Drapery Manufacturing

Installations & Repairs

LEG Motorized Systems
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